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About us

The Groupement d’Intérêt économique (GIE) of the guides of Niokolo-Koba National Park (PNNK)

GIE NIOKOLO, legally head-quartered in Dialacoto in the district of Missirah, was listed in the business register of the Regional Tribunal of Tambcounda on 24 avril 2003 under number SN-TBC-2003-C-350. The office of GIE NIOKOLO is in Dar Salam near the main entrance of the Park.

- Postal address: BP 362, Tambacounda, Senegal
- Email : info(at)niokolo-safari.com

- President : Ansoumane SANOKHO
- Comptroller and webmaster : Abdoulaye KANTÉ (telephone : +221 782038204)

The GIE is composed of about 30 guides living around the park, all certified by the Ministry of Tourism. The GIE manages a common fund into which a percentage of all emoluments of guiding activity is deposited. At the end of the tourist season (from November to June) these funds are equitably distributed. A guide in need can request an advance on his honorarium during the season, and guides who were not able to work because of an accident or other reason receive the same honorarium as the others.

Dedicated to promoting equitable and sustainable development of the region and to diffusing a culture of appreciation and conservation of nature, the GIE carries out different voluntary activities in the public interest:

  1. sensitisation in the the surrounding villages to combat poaching, deforestation, bush fires and other practices harmful to the environment; organisation of discussions on transmissible deseases such as AIDS and malaria,
  2. organisation of days for cooperation for environmental remediation and reforestation,
  3. promotion of the culture of the local rutal communities, notably by designating and maintaining hiking trails in the zone surrounding the park,
  4. collection of funds from tourists and other donors to enable poor children to pursue their education, and to promote the education of girls and improve the availability of drinking water,
  5. Participation in activities to improve the PNNK and in surveys of its fauna and flora.

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