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Our partners

In November 2012, the association COMETE International initiated a project in cooperation with GIE NIOKOLO which established a capacity-building programme for the guides covering: i) training in basic software tools, ii) expansion of the products and services offered to tourists, and iii) their participation in inventories of animal and plant populations.

The ultimate objective is to contribute to sustainable solidarity-oriented development in the Park by involving local communities and thus sensitizing them to their local environment.

The first part of the project has been a success. Funding from the Association has enabled the acquisition of computer equipment and the training of the guides in appropriate software tools and the Internet. If you would like to support this activity, please contact ’COMETE international’ by email at comete(at)comete-international.org.

Sénégal Oriental Voyages offers a number of guided tours throughout the south of Senegal and photo safaris from in Niokolo-Koba National Park as well as the rental of 4x4s, cars and buses and accommodation for every budget. The company and GIE NIOKOLO signed a protocol to jointly organise an ecotourism and trekking excursion which took place between the 1st and 14th of February 2014. The GIE and Senegal Oriental Voyages are working together in order to provide a greater range of guided tours which better meet their respective clients’ needs.

The association ECOTOURS has specialised in sustainable and solidarity-oriented tourism for the last 18 years. Its activities derive from a logic of sustainable development in the communities which it serves. ECOTOURS helped GIE NIOKOLO to organise a sustainable tourism test voyage: an ecotourism and trekking excursion in the east of Senegal from 1st to 15 February 2014.

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