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Your safari

We the guides of Niokolo-Koba National Park want to help you to get the most out of your visit to Senegal. We are 30, all accredited to guide tourists by the Ministry of Tourism and Air Transportation. We can work everywhere in Senegal, but we are especially qualified to guide you in the Park and its surroundings. We are always there to greet you at the main entrance to the Park in the village of Dar Salam on National Highway 7 between Tambacounda and Kedougou.

In the Park we can show you the animals, plants and the most striking landscapes. Your guide will stay with you during your entire stay in the Park; our fee is F CFA 10,000 (€ 15.25 €, about US$ 20) per day, regardless of the number of tourists in your group. If you have a specific interest (ornithology, botany, etc.) or if you want to plan your itinerary and reserve your guide in advance, contact us at:

     telephone : +221 763362640.

For the other services you need during your stay (accommodations, food, vehicle hire, etc.) see here or contact us as above for advice.

In our region there are two seasons :
- a dry and sunny season from November until May which is the major tourist season. The period between November and February is the coolest with maximum temperatures varying between 21° et 30° Celsius (70° to 86° F). The coolest months are January and February. Between March and May the temperatures gradually increase to reach 40° Celsius (104° F) or higher, but this period is the best for observing the animal life because the animals come to drink at the rare sources of water.
- a rainy season from June until October with precipitation which varies from 80 to 100 cm (31.5 to 40 inches). During this season safaris in the Park are generally limited to a few main tracks because of degradations due to the rain. Starting in August it becomes difficult to observe the animal life in the dense vegetation.

You must be in a vehicle to circulate in the Park, and only during the day and accompanied by a certified guide. But it is possible to get down from your vehicle at designated observations points, and also on the tracks for better observation following the instructions of your guide.

Extracted from the guide "Niokolo-Badiar" (Galat G, Galat-Luong A, Pichon G, Luong TM, Luong G, 1997 ©FED 4213/REG, DPNS, DNNF, ORSTOM), with the authorisation of Gérard Galat and Anh Galat-Luong.

Most tourists visit the Park for a period between one and three days. You can sleep inside the Park or outside, either in a hotel or a "campement" (a facility of individual huts with restaurant service provided; the level of comfort is variable but less than that of a hotel). You can come into the Park with your own vehicle or rent one. The women of the village of Dar Salam rent binoculars at the Park entrance.

It is possible to camp on the Mount Assirik plateau, the highest point in the Park (311 m) where you can trek in the company of your guide. If you stay there several days you will have a reasonable chance to see chimpanzees or rare Derby elands, the largest antelope in the world. But this side-trip must be planned in advance (tents, food, 4-wheel drive vehicle, etc.).

Mount Assirik

Mount Assirik

Just outside the Park in the Tambacounda region there is trekking in the Rural Community of Dialacoto and farther east in the Kedougou region there are the Bassari and Bedik countries with their hill-top villages and ancestral customs, the 110 m high Dindéfélo falls, etc. For further information on the Tambacounda region see the website called Déstination Sénégal Oriental (in French only) and on the Kedougou region the site EcoSenegal Kedougou.

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