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Beginning with the tourist season 2013-2014, GIE NIOKOLO has established 4 hiking trails for tourists:

Trail N°1 [25 km] : Dialacoto - Bantancoling

Outward Journey [13 km] : departure from DIALACOTO, through rolling countryside with thickets of Bamboo; stopover at TINGHOTO [9 km] before arriving at BANTANCOLING [4 km]. Return Journey [12 km] to DIALACOTO by a short-cut . Possibility of sleeping in a temporary tent camp at BANTANCOLING with the option of attending a traditional dance organised by the villagers .

Trail N°2 [9 km] : Dialacoto - Wassadou via Medina Bloc

Trekking from DIALACOTO to MEDINA BLOC [6 km] through an agricultural area where the Peul and Mandinka peoples live in harmony. Return to WASSADOU [3 km] then to DIALACOTO by highway #7 [8 km] . Possibility of sleeping in a temporary tent camp at MEDINA BLOC with the option of attending a traditional Peul dance organised by the villagers. At WASSADOU, possibility of observing cultivation, harvest and transport of local bananas in a farmers’ cooperative created in the 70’s by a Canadian plantation owner .

Trail N°3 [13 km] : Wassadou - Dialacoto via Babako and Medina Bloc Outward Journey from WASSADOU to BABAKO on the Nieriko river [4 km] then on to MEDINA BLOC [3 km]. Return Journey to WASSADOU [3 km] or to GOUREL HAMA (Peul Village) [3 km] and DIALACOTO [3 km] with return TO WASSADOU by highway #7 [8 km]. Possibility of sleeping in a temporary camp with tents at MEDINA BLOC with the option of attending a traditional Peul dance.

Trail N°4 : Bird watching along the Nieriko and Gambia rivers beginning at BADY [16 km] or WASSADOU [18 km] You will see a diversity of brightly coloured birds such as kingfishers, bee-eaters, rollers, ibis and fish eagles . Possibility to start from BADY and return to WASSADOU [17 km] taking a short-cut. The part of the trail along the river Gambia is a dead-end trail; you can reduce the length of the trek by starting back at a distance of your choice.

These 4 trails are shown schematically on the map which follows:

The French Federation of Randonnée (trekking) classifies trails according to 4 levels of difficulty: very easy, easy, average and difficult. If we allow for the fact that the terrain is relatively flat, our trails can be classified as average (requiring a reasonable level of physical fitness) provided that these trails are hiked before the hot weather of April-May and that the trekkers limit their total distance travelled to 15 km a day.

We are working to ensure that the trails are marked according to international standards for the 2014-2015 season. Until that time, while tourists are welcome to attempt these trails alone, we recommend that they contact GIE so that they may be accompanied. Either contact the guides at the entrance to the National Park at Dar Salam or send us a message at info(at)niokolo-safari.com.

In February 2014, GIE NIOKOLO organised a very successful ecotourism and trekking expedition for a group of 15 tourists. Other groups are most welcome. To plan your trek, contact us at:

     Telephone : +221 763362640.